Our consultancy has a mix of experts from the traditional finance trading sector, as well as professionals from the Energy, Fintech, and Legal sectors. This well-rounded team of experts has been involved in crypto-related initiatives for several years, allowing them to acquire extensive knowledge in crypto mining, hedging, trading,payments and DeFi.

Our mining department’s experts have developed and executed profitable BTC mining operations in Europe over the past few years. Managing the entire process, from design to installation, procurement, and efficiency enhancement. This allowed us to establish strong relationships with leading manufacturers of mining equipment and software, enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive mining solutions.

Having specialists from the traditional financial sector on our trading department provides the necessary expertise to mitigate and conquer the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Our strategy enables clients to leverage their holdings, reduce risks, and increase profits. We understand market trends, technical analysis, and risk management, allowing us to design hedging and trading strategies in order to educate them to decide on the right match to reach there objectives.

Our 3rd Generation Crypto Consultancy team has extensive experience in crypto mining, hedging, trading, and DeFi, to conclude. Our strong alliances, technical expertise, and comprehensive advisory services enable businesses to achieve their goals and maximize their potential in this dynamic and developing industry.