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3rd Generation offers OTC brokerage services to clients interested in trading cryptocurrencies off-exchange. High-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and organizations that need big transaction sizes or confidentiality and security favor OTC trading.

3rd Generation’ OTC trading expertise offer market analysis, transaction execution, risk management, and settlement services. The company’s knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and OTC trading allow it to customise solutions to clients’ demands.

Customized solutions allow clients to trade privately, securely, and efficiently.

3rd Generation’ dedication to quality and service guarantees clients obtain quick and trustworthy solutions.


3rd Generation specializes in crypto escrow and act as a trustworthy third party in cryptocurrency transactions. 3rd Generation stores cryptocurrency in a safe offline wallet until the buyer and seller meet their criteria outlined in there contract. This gives both parties assurance that their assets are protected and the agreement is being followed. Our crypto escrow solution is simple to use, secure and transparent.


We offer a reliable and secure cryptocurrency storage services to our clients. With the growing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies, the need for safe and secure storage solutions is more crucial than ever. 3rd Generation offers a range of storage options, including cold storage, which involves storing cryptocurrency in an offline wallet, as well as hot storage, which involves storing cryptocurrency in an online wallet that is accessible via the internet.

3rd Generation employs cutting-edge security protocols and sophisticated encryption technologies to ensure the safety and security of its clients’ digital assets at all times. The storage facilities of the company are highly secure and protected against threats such as hacking, larceny, and physical damage.


Our experts will be able to advise you on a range of cryptocurrency-related topics, from schooling to beginning of your own cryptocurrency-related business. Below, we’ve provided descriptions of some of the most crucial services.


3rd Generation is able to consult and assist with digital currency hedging services. Cryptocurrency hedging involves market positions that mitigate price losses. 3rd Generation offers its hedging solutions through mechanisms such as futures contracts, options, and derivatives depending on clients ultimate goals and needs.

Engineering of Data centers for mining

Our firm consults and provides engineering works for clients who are interested in the construction of mining facilities. Businesses need reliable, efficient infrastructure to mine cryptocurrencies due to their rapid expansion.

3rd Generation‘ skilled engineers design, develop, and manage crypto mining data centers. The company’s consulting services examine existing infrastructure, identify areas for development, and provide a personalized plan to match your needs.

3rd Generation optimizes electricity, cooling, network connectivity, and security for mining clients. Data center engineering expertise guarantees clients a highly efficient and scalable solution that enhances mining ROI.

3rd Generation supports and maintains data centers in addition to consulting. 3rd Generation is a valued partner for crypto mining data center builders and operators because to its innovation and customer service.

Procurment of crypto mining equipment and Containers

We are advising and assisting clients with the procurement of crypto mining equipment and containers. As a dependable collaborator in the cryptocurrency industry, 3rd Generation assists its clients in navigating the complex and constantly evolving world of crypto mining technology.

The team of experts at 3rd Generation collaborates closely with clients to identify their unique needs and goals, and then develops tailored solutions to meet those needs. The company’s consulting services include a comprehensive evaluation of your current mining operations, the identification of areas for enhancement, and the development of a plan to maximize productivity and performance.

3rd Generation provides procurement services for crypto mining equipment and mining containers, in addition to its consulting services. The company has established relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers in Europe and Asia, allowing them to offer clients access to cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.

3rd Generation‘s procurement services encompass sourcing, logistics, installation, and ongoing support. The company’s emphasis on innovation and technology ensures that clients receive the most modern and dependable mining equipment.

Whether you are a small-scale miner or a large enterprise, 3rd Generation‘ consulting and procurement services offer a customized and all-encompassing approach to cryptocurrency mining technology. 3rd Generation is a dependable companion for anyone seeking to optimize their mining operations and reach their business objectives due to its commitment to excellence and customer service.


3rd Generation provides crypto miner overclocking consulting. Overclocking mining equipment boosts hash rates and profitability.

3rd Generation‘ professionals have vast expertise overclocking mining equipment and can customise solutions to clients’ needs and goals. The company’s consulting services evaluate your mining equipment and processes to identify areas where overclocking could boost performance and profitability.

3rd Generation implements and supports overclocking solutions in addition to consulting. The company’s mining equipment and technology experience guarantees reliable and effective solutions that optimize mining operations sourcing them from established market leaders.

3rd Generation‘ focus on innovation and technology gives clients access to the newest overclocking technology, helping them remain ahead of the competition and optimize returns. 3rd Generation is a trustworthy partner for overclocking mining equipment.


3rd Generation is able to provide its clients with cryptocurrency-topped debit cards. We understand the rising need for easy and secure payment solutions that integrate cryptocurrency into everyday transactions.

3rd Generation‘ debit cards simplify bitcoin asset management. Clients may load their cards with Bitcoin or Ethereum and use them at any debit card retailer.

3rd Generation‘ debit cards accept USD and EUR top-ups in addition to cryptocurrency. The company’s flexibility and convenience give clients several financial transaction possibilities.

3rd Generation‘ debit cards offer reasonable exchange rates, industry relative low fees, and real-time transaction alerts. Multi-layered security protects the cards from fraud and unwanted access.

Crypto Gateway

3rd Generation provides crypto gateways for retailers and enterprises accepting cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular for payments as finance evolves. 3rd Generation understands the need of safe and trustworthy payment systems that allow companies to easily accept crypto payments.

Crypto gateways allow retailers to accept crypto currency payments by seamlessly integrating with existing payment systems and convert them into fiat currency automatically, track transactions in real time, and safeguard against fraud and unauthorized access with multi-layered protection. This solution allows our clients purely to focus on what they know best knowing that there funds are safe.

We make sure that our clients funds have been received by our crypto gateway and convert them into fiat currency automatically, track transactions in real time, and safeguard against fraud and unauthorized access with multi-layered protection.


We provide our clients who are already receiving cryptocurrency as a means of payment the option of pay outs and settling of invoices to their vendors. Leithams realizes the necessity of offering a trustworthy and quick option for settling bills with digital assets as cryptocurrency use in business transactions grows.

Our invoice payout services make it easy for enterprises to pay vendors with numerous crypto currencies.Our cryptocurrency professionals provide trustworthy and effective solutions to fulfill clients’ demands.

Blockchain Investigations

3rd Generation is a business that provides blockchain investigation services to customers in the event of fraud or scams. With the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, fraud and schemes have also increased, making it more crucial than ever to have a trustworthy partner who can assist in investigating and resolving such incidents. Our firm cooperates with the most advanced technological providers who have extensive experience investigating and analyzing blockchain transactions, allowing them to identify fraudulent activity and provide clients with valuable insights employing sophisticated tools and methods to trace blockchain transactions and collect evidence, assuring a thorough and accurate investigation.

In addition to blockchain investigation services, 3rd Generation provides a variety of anti-fraud and anti-scam solutions, such as risk assessments, due diligence, and transaction monitoring.

3rd Generation‘s emphasis on innovation and technology ensures that its clients have access to the most recent advancements in the cryptocurrency industry, allowing them to anticipate potential threats and risks